for simple applications

The main purpose of the safety relief valve SL 5 is to relieve small pressure increases and quantities in the controlled system to prevent the safety shut-off valve from being triggered. The safety relief valve SL 5 is suitable for small blow-off quantities and simple applications. For more demanding tasks we recommend the use of the safety relief valve SL 10.

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The spring-loaded safety relief valve SL 5 is used to reduce short-term pressure surges in front of gas consumption systems or to prevent an impermissibly high pressure increase when creeping gas quantities occur.

The safety relief valve SL 5 consists of the actuator housing and the functional unit "control unit". When open, the gas flows through the actuator housing in the direction of the arrow. Via the internal measuring line connection, the pressure to be monitored is conducted to the bottom of the comparator diaphragm of the safety relief valve. This compares the actual value with the reference variable given by the force of the setpoint spring. The required setpoint value is adjusted via the adjusting screw. If the setpoint value is exceeded, the measuring unit lifts the final control element and allows gas to flow out via the blow-off line.

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