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Join our new building in the making.



Offers received

After tendering the scope of services in October 2018 we received now the offers from the contruction companies.


Details of the building

Meanwhile we are working on the details of the building and step by step the realisation of the  new building is getting closer.

View of the property
20,000 m² of space next to the A45


The start of construction is approaching

Not far from the previous company location in Olpe, South Westphalia, 20,000 m² of space offer the best conditions for the new headquarters of MEDENUS.


Official approval

Today we finally received the offical approval of Olpe to start the construcion work. The next steps are going into the detail planning and awarding of the construction work to corresponding contractors.

View of our new building
3.000 m² Productionspace


We are building for you!

In order to be able to be your efficient and flexible partner in the gas pressure control technology in the future as well and because we have reached the capacity limits at the current location, we are now going into the detailed planning of our new production facility.