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New Corporate Design

The next step - with character and clarity

MEDENUS evolved hostorically and so it presented itself very technically for a long time. With its new design we want to strengthen the brand MEDENUS. We also want to help to do the next step both substance and creative.

Strong. Recognisable. Developed. - Three keywords for connecting with the new branding concept.

The classic brand core "MEDENUS" stay preserved and will be performed with a new symbolism to emphasize gently its origin. Marked with the additional wording "Gas Pressure regulation" the brand is ready for international using.

Due to the further development of the corporate design MEDENUS performs with a new clear line both in print and internet. It will be upgraded with real pictures of our own production. The new web presence is available both in german and english and in the next step it will be also availble in other languages.

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