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For the first time: Career exploration day at MEDENUS

MEDENUS had invited to the 1st career exploration day and the youngsters of the VFR Rüblinghausen (A and B group) accepted this invitation in large numbers. 25 boys and 11 coaches, support staff and parents were welcomed in the reception hall by David Ohm and his team with coffee and cold drinks.

Afterwards, Alexander Niklas gave a short company and product presentation in the training room. Dennis Seitzew told the young people about his everyday work as an apprentice at MEDENUS, explained his tasks and emphasised that he is also allowed to responsibly supervise projects as an apprentice.

During the subsequent tour of the company, the participants were able to get to know many MEDENUS products "up close" and were impressed by the modern equipment of the workplaces and the bright and clean factory hall.

The MEDENUS employees were available to answer everyone's questions. After the factory tour, bratwurst from the grill and refreshments were served. The young people were delighted when they received a MEDENUS backpack filled with small things for every situation.

Fact: MEDENUS has made it possible for the young people to have an optimal start in the orientation phase of finding a profession.


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